Fire Extinguisher sales in Youngstown, OH

Be ready for the unexpected when you purchase from ABC Fire Extinguisher & Hood Cleaning Company. Our company offers a series of options for those in need of a fire extinguisher for sale in Youngstown, OH. In addition to our products, we are also available to perform fire extinguisher service and inspections.

Our inventory is equipped with ABC Dry Chemical fire extinguishers which are the work horse of fire extinguishers. We also carry the Class K fire extinguisher, as well as the CO2 fire extinguisher, each of which have specific uses. We have new, used, and repaired fire extinguishers, and we try to match the customer’s needs to the type of extinguisher that best suits those needs.

Contact us in Youngstown, Ohio, to learn more about our fire extinguishers for sale. We carry a variety of options for commercial clients throughout Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.